North Korea Tries to Show Its Leader Is Healthy (Photoshop)


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Jul 3, 2005
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North Korea Tries to Show Its Leader Is Healthy (Photoshop)

If you remember the Iran's photoshop missile. The image, released on Wednesday, appeared to show Mr Kim in good health while inspecting two military units, to dispel rumors of ill health. 'Fake photo' revives Kim rumours, by BBC. Photoshop?In the photo, the shadow cast by Mr Kim's calves runs in a different direction to the shadow cast by the soldiers on either side of him, the Times pointed out. In addition, a black line running along the stand on which the soldiers are positioned mysteriously vanishes on either side of Mr Kim - suggesting his picture may have been superimposed onto the image.Such a suspicion was reinforced when a BBC designer examined a close-up, and discovered apparently mismatched pixels to the right of Mr Kim's legs.The validity of some of other pictures has been questioned in the past. For example, one image released in October appeared to include lush foliage in the background that was incongruous with autumn.

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