noob looking for advice on entry level gear

I'm sure this gets posted all the time, but hey. :rolleyes:

I'll start out by explaining my position. Basically, I have 0 experience mixing...but I absolutely feel like I NEED to. Every day when I go into work I find myself imagining mixes between different tunes. I feel obsessed. Even if I completely flop and decided it's not my thing, I need to give it a go. Plus, I live in the states, Atlanta to be exact. The scene here blows. I know DJs that play at local events here, and some personally (friends from high school and college and what not), and every time I hear 'em mix, I just feel disappointed (ability OR tune selection) People around here only really play the big dancefloor RAM tunes or darker neuro shit at more underground gigs. Just makes me want to give it a go even more.

To get to the point, I want to mix with CDJs and need something extremely cheap. I'm really not interested in vitrtual/laptop DJ business. Problem is, I don't have proper monitors or anything of that sort...just some budget computer speakers and a sub that gets the trick done. I'm wondering about what I would need to get to be able to use my comp speakers if at all possible, but still use CDJs and not require any virtual shit like traktor. Maybe need some kind of adapter to use the comp speakers for the CDJs? idk.

I'm sure this kind of thing gets annoying but I would really appreciate any and all advice.


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you need cdjs and a mixer. speakers dont really matter for djing as long as you can hear the beats.

I dont mix cdjs but ive heard good things about the numark ndx range. id look at ebay or some other 2nd hand store tho, that way if its not your thing you can just sell on for around the same price. also youll get a lot more value for youre money with used cdjs/mixer
can get a dirt cheap pair of ndx's off ebay brand new
you sound pretty keen though so if you could scrape the money together to get a pair of pioneer cdjs (second hand 800s) they have pretty good resell value
cheap 2.1 speakers are fine.. might need to get an headphone - rca adapter though