None Decay - Carnea EP - Out Today on AutomAte!

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    Involved with electronic music since the mid 90s, Cambridge duo None Decay have behind them a rich tapestry of studio and DJ experience in drum & bass, hip-hop and beyond. They made their AutomAte debut on Depth of Vision EP Vol.2. Rising quickly through the ranks, they follow up here with a full length EP of their own.

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    This, the first solo artist EP on AutomAte, is a kick-led, bass-infested mix of vibes. Opening track Carnea sets the scene with a spacious and upbeat flavour, followed by the tightly-coiled metronomic energy of Clockwork. Next up, Paesan truly embodies the None Decay spirit - firmly tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless perfectly executed. Finally, things take a turn toward the shadows with the dark, atmospheric Last Midnight.

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