Nomads EP Feat: Sovex OUT NOW On Extent V.I.P

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    The Extent recordings group are proud to announce the Nomads Ep featuring Sovex
    Extent V.I.P are back again with another long awaited EP and this time round we bring to you some deep, dark, minimal tech sounds from one of Cardiffs most promising producers to land on the scene (Sovex).
    Sovex has been on scene for some time now and forever creating seriously amazing music ,Sovex has made quite an impact as of late with some top production that he is starting to get rightly noticed for around the curcit and has many forthcoming and released tracks in the pipeline with various labels such as Hustle Audio, Black Reign, Point Audio ,Lifestyle records and obviously more from Extent to follow in the near future.
    Sovex is a resident DJ at Apature which is one of Cardiffs biggest nights and has been on the roster for some time now, playing alongside many majors in the game ,he is an oustanding D.J with serious techniques and we would recommend contacting this guy for some bookings, as we are sure you will not be dissapointed! Overall Sovex is like a human music machine also being exposed to music & instruments since a young age as his Father was in a rock band, so he always had the music elements right there in his face... It was inevitable that he was going to be involved in music at some stage of his life. Sovex's influence's are Rock, Punk and Ska with a touch of Jazz and you will probably find these sounds combined in his tracks.
    With no doubt at all Sovex delivers the goods everytime with every release and this time round with this amazing 4 track EP, he has realy gone to town with some top quality bits ,inside the EP are 3 tracks on more or less the same level of style (Nomads / Inner Space / Culture Driven) and one on more of a downtempo vibe (Horizons feat Jess on vocals).
    Ok so theres a little background on Sovex now it is time to let the music do the talking.
    Below you can listen to the Nomads EP via our soundcloud also to buy now links provided.

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    huge release.. baggin this for sure
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    big tracks on here!! wicked vibe. love culture driven