Drum & Bass Nolige - Early Works EP [FREE DOWNLOAD!]


'Nolige - Early Works EP' - PLEASE read my mini essay below, lol. :)

Just before I give you the link to it, I just want to say a big thank you for supporting all my previous releases and free give-away's over the last so many years!

So far, including this EP, I have given away 25 tracks in total; which were these:

Nolige - Warrior Steppin' [Amazon EP]
Nolige - 1993 [Amazon EP]

Nolige - Watched [Scientific Wax Digital 005]
Nolige - Leave Me [Scientific Wax Digital 005]

Nolige - Everything's Changed [Untitled Dreams EP]
Nolige - Hunted [Remix] [Untitled Dreams EP]
Nolige - Untitled Dreams [Untitled Dreams EP]

Nolige - Broken [The Broken EP]
Nolige - The Blue Hour [The Broken EP]
Nolige - Who Are We [The Broken EP]

Nolige - Spiders [The Drift EP]
Nolige - The Drift [The Drift EP]
Nolige - This Generation [The Drift EP]

Nolige - Adrenaline [Remix] [The Influence EP]
Nolige - Life [The Influence EP]
Nolige - The Influence [The Influence EP]

H.M.P. - Runin's [Nolige's 2011 Foundation X Relick] [The Remix EP]
Nolige - Call To Prayer [Remix] [The Remix EP]
Nolige - Cold One [Remix] [The Remix EP]

(If anyone needs links to any of these then please let me know and I'll sort you a download link!)

The new EP includes these:

Nolige - Evolution [Early Works EP]
Nolige - Images [Early Works EP]
Nolige - Mythology [Early Works EP]
Nolige - Recreation [Early Works EP]
Nolige - Some Style [Early Works EP]
Nolige - Uneasy [Early Works EP]

Just one more thing; If anyone is feeling generous I would really appreciate it if you could spare me a spare quid or 2 for the download/s..However much you feel..Christmas is coming also folks :p

Ok, so without giving you a sob story, lol; I have found it a little hard letting go of these ones because they are the second wave of tunes before I started to get other tracks released, which were all made around 2003, so I hold them pretty close. They don't sound perfect compared to the new tracks out there but hope you appreciate them anyway's :)

Ok, I'm done now, haha. Here is my Paypal address if you want to send anything (totally up to you of course!) shaun1981uk@hotmail.com

Here's the link to the EP titled 'Early Works EP' - http://www.mediafire.com/?5z6kbz46xcsd24f

Thanks again and hope you enjoy :)