Noistek- New tunes!!!


Hey troops!
TWO brand new tunes to are up at my website!
We go from complex drum edit craziness to heavy dancefloor stomper on this update...
Noistek: "Next Level" (Heavy bass, futuristic overtone, hip hop vox hook, wild edits- great for opening your DnB sets/mixes!)
Noistek: "Another Dimention" (Powerful stomper for the dancefloor! This track will mix well with anything!)

You can find these under "Original Tunes"

Here you can also get other free tunes, download my original albums and DJ mixes plus check out new Noistek gear at our DigiStore!
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Coming up: an exclusive mix for those that visit the site. A new day-by-day blog and video footage of the making of the new Noistek album- "Off The Grid" (March 1, 2010).

I’d like to thank my Digital Conspiracy crew:
J-Dastardly, Indidjinous, DJ Hera, Bounce
Our extended family: Goodvibes Promo, DJ Lantern, Viral Infektion (CA), CJ Weaver, TRA-35, and everyone that’s shown love and support for the scene.
Long live jungle!