Noisia Sum It Up Perfectly...


Feb 20, 2012
I read this recently from an interview with Noisia by the team at and thought it was a perfect representation of the current explosion of Dubstep and DnB

"After a year where Dubstep and Drum & Bass exploded on both sides of the Atlantic what are your views on the current state of the scene and how do you see both genres progressing?

No idea really but I like how Dubstep is creating an influx of new Drum & Bass fans. But at the same time I regret seeing the genre becoming so polarized. It’s become so big that it has become important for whole demographics to explicitly like it - or explicitly not like it. And there’s an ass ton of bullshit music being made. But that’s just how it goes. The music fares best if people don’t pay too much attention to all that and keep focus on what they think is important. It might not pay off the next day, but it will further down the road. "

Couldn't have put it much better myself really..
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