Noisia style drum arangments?


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break loops, chop them up and rearrange how you want, process (compression to keep them balanced and fat), single hit layers to boost your main hits if needed...and lots and lots of practice :)


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what miszt said. use different funk breaks and switch between them, combine them, experiment. layer with one shots for the snares and/or kicks if you want them accented more. chop them up and play around with pitching like at 2:33 the kick is pitched up and down. it's all about patience cuz and experimenting with different breaks.

i think it probably helps to try to view it from a turntablist point of view. do your editing as if you were mimicking a turntablist cutting between vinyls, think of cuts and stabs. there's a flow, a sort of syncopated rhythm to it. you want to adopt that type of rhythm. i used to chop and stutter drums a lot way back in the day, when i was also dj'ing alot, and there's a similarity between the chopped drums like in that noisia song and some serious crossfader action in turntablism. i think that might be where the influence came from, dnb producers inspired by turntablists. that's what i always assumed anyway. hope this is helpful in promoting the mindset that helps achieve that type of drums. alternatively you could do it an easier way by switching the breaks every few bars, which is what they do at a couple parts in that song.

and check out 1:50 in the video below. same basic principle except in the video below they also stuttered some of the drum hits at varying speed, it's a more radical sound alwith the fast stutters and is a little like aphex twin style. probably triggering it real fast within the sampler. i used to do it manually by editing the audio in acid pro back in the day and that worked well for me but retriggering the sound rapidly in a sampler is probably the faster way to go about it.
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