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Found this elsewhere and thought it was relevant to post here....

"As you might have noticed, there has been a gap in our productivity the last few months. We have been designing and building a new studio since october ' 07, which is now 95% done! We've made a lot of new music in there already, which we'll be letting out in to the open over the next few months. Amongst it is a lot of new drum 'n bass: diplodocus, crank, stigma, a new tune with the upbeats called 'creep out' and the strange owl experiment.

Of course we've also done a lot of other music: We're working together with two hiphop guys from London called 'The Foreign Beggars' ( a lot these days, we're really happy about the things we're doing: they've got really nice voices, sick flow and lyrics for hours, and they love it when we go in dirty! We're also producing three new songs for Two Times South African Music Awards-Winner (Best Album & Best Newcomer) Tasha Baxter, we hope to finish the 'Vice Verzen' album relatively soon, and of course we've got some more on the go that we'd like to keep hush about for now... In the near future we're trying to get collaborations with Subfocus, Spor, Phace and the godfather of neurofunk, mr. Optical going.

We've also recently mixed a cd for the Fabric Live mix-cd series, it's Fabric Live number 40, and the release date is set for june 16th. This is the first mix-cd we've released so far, so thanks goes out to Fabric for giving us the opportunities (plus all the great nights)! The CD will be available for order on

In the meantime we're putting four new tunes on our myspace players: On the Division page you will find the next Division release: 'Seven Stitches', the tune we did for the soundtrack accompanying Sony's videogame 'Wipeout PSP' and the aa-side 'Groundhog'. On our main page we've uploaded Seven Stitches and a track we've written in one day when the studio was just back online, called 'Diplodocus'. released on Fierce's Quarantaine Records. We've also put up 'Strange Owl Experiment', our experimental little contribution to the next Metalheadz LP. We hope you like the music!


Team Noisia"

nothing about a machete remix thank god.


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Cheers dave. been wondering what Noisia have been up to with the lack of output. Don't hit up MySpace that much which is probably why. Diplodocus is too much....funky tech business.
really looking forward to their fabriclive

01 Noisia & Phace – Cannonball – Vision Recordings
02 The Qemists – Stompbox [Spor Remix] – Ninja Tune
03 Phace – Alive [Dub] – Phace
04 The Upbeats – Anti Social – Cyanide Recordings
05 Break – Splash Step – Quarantine
06 Noisia – Diplodocus [Dub] – Noisia 21
07 Spor – Claret’s March – Lifted
08 Noisia – Head Knot [Dub] – Noisia
09 Noisia – The Tide – Vision Recordings
10 Icicle – Nowhere – [Dub] – Icicle
11 Noisia & Phace – The Feed – Subtitles
12 Sabre – Global [Dub] – Subtitles
13 Phace – Cold Champagne [Dub] – Phace
14 The Upbeats – Panic – Subtitles
15 Noisia & Black Sun Empire – Infusion – Vision Recordings
16 Noisia – Split The Atom [Instrmtl] – Division Recordings
17 Spor – Mordez Moi – Division Recordings
18 Noisia – Seven Stitches – Division Recordings
19 Noisia – Brown Time – Division Recordings
20 Noisia – Stigma [Dub] - Noisia
21 Moby – Alice [Noisia Remix] – EMI
22 Noisia – Concussion – Vision Recordings
23 Noisia – Façade [VIP] – Ram Records
24 Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine [Matrix Remix] – Virus
25 Noisia & The Upbeats – Mudslide – Vision Recordings
26 Misanthrop – Viperfish [VIP] – Subtitles
27 Noisia – Crank [Dub] - Noisia
28 Noisia & The Upbeats – Creep Out – Non Vogue
29 Noisia – Square Feet – Division Recordings


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fabric live is going to be immense. would love to hear some of the stuff with FB's.

noisias bass sound and their sound in general is unmatched.

i wish i lived in scandinava.

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would love to hear some of the stuff with FB's.
bLAcKOuT. said:
Noisia & The Foreign Beggars - Split The Atom (+ Instrumental)
Noisia & The Foreign Beggars - Soul Purge
Noisia & The Foreign Beggars - Tungsten Thug Step

They're workin on an EP either for Dented (UK hip hop) or Division =]

It's all on here --->

25th April
Nerm & D-Code

Boom Boom Satellites – Easy Action [London Elektricity Remix] (Third Ear)
Metrik – Moving On (White)
Todd Edwards – Shut The Door [Logistics Remix] (White)
Hive – Neo [Remix] (Violence)
Konflikt - Messiah [Noisia Remix] (Renegade Hardware)
Alix Perez & Lynx – Alleigence (Soul:R)
Ges-e and Shandy - Dil Se (Nasha Records)
Weird Science - Danny Byrd (Hospital)
Inside Info – The Verge (White)
Subfocus – Join The Dots (Ram)
Camo & Krooked – See Through You (White)
Calibre – Alone In The Crowd (Signature)
Telemetrik – Station Seven (Black Sun Empire)
Notion – Past Over (White)
Culprete & Dexcell – Broke (White)
V.I.V.E.K – Natural Mystic (White)
Sharmaji – Break Your Heart (White)
Benga – The Cut (Tempa)
---Foreign Beggars 21 Minute To Know ---
Foreign Beggars vs Noisia – Split The Atom (Vision Recordings)
Foreign Beggars vs Noisia - Soul Purge (Vision/Dented Records)
Foreign Beggars vs Alix Perez - Colder Days Reprise (White)
Foreign Beggars vs Noisia - Tungsten Thug Step Live (Vision/Dented Records)
Foreign Beggars ft OhNo- Slow Broiled Ilk (Dented Records)
Collie Buds vs Sigma – Come Around (White)
Subterra & Lean – The Calling (White)
Logistics – Daybreak Sequence (Hospital)
Silent Source & D-Code vs Sizzla – Babylon (White)
Lynx & Malibu Rhodes – Envy (White)
Spor – As Dust Falls (Subtitles)
Atlantic Connection - Depth Charge ft. Mind One (Westbay)
D-Code – Little Miss Nicky (Shiva Soundsystem Recordings)
Deepz - Desolate Landscapes (Dubplate)
Specific – Tell Me (White)
D-Code & Chan1 – The Rebirth (Shiva Soundsystem Recordings)
Funcinternational - Vande Mataram (Music Today)

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yes, i would like to retract that statement seeing as their from holland, and i'd much rather live there.

musta been trippin some mad balls when i wrote that.