Noisia - Could This Be (or Kings Of Leon - The End (Noisia Remix) without vocals)

no offence to anybody.. but they are beginning to sound like chase and status with dirtier basslines

why do i feel like one day very soon i'm gonna be sitting explaining to someone how Noisia used to make good tunes and that they havnt always been mainstream

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btw i hope im wrong and that im just being negative that would be my prefered option

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its more spawned out of a love for there old sound... ah i guess im getting old... ah.. lol
I saw a new Noisia D&B bit

Got excited

Saw 'mau5trap'

I cried.

And the track, it's not that exciting. :(
I completely agree with d-low. I can see why it has been released on Mau5trap though as it doesn't fit with any other label it potentially could have been released with. Hopefully Noisia will keep their decent work for Vision/Division/Invisible.
I like it, Artific is right, you can't really see that on their label. It seems that Deadmau5 is putting out so much music as well. Looks like Global Domination when you take Noisia and Spor (Feed Me) and start putting out their offshoot stuff.
in it for the money, good on them and fuck them.

at least invisible is yet to fall down that path.

why cant they just make a goddam techy roller like lockjaw or facade
You can definitely see why its released on Mau5trap.

Not for me. considering I've collected all the Vision & Invisible releases on vinyl...this tune is lacking something in comparison
Tunes not too bad but its not what I wanna hear from Noisia either. Bring back the sound of 'Deception' and 'Block Control'!!
The melody/synth is less aggressive/dirty/hard/dark instead this is going into a more commercial capable way. That's the only thing I noticed. Some people won't buy it because it's on mau5trap. I doubt Noisia will leave all behind and I'm sure they will be back with some harder/dark stuff soon. Or instead buy this:

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I really like it.

"He's (Deadmau5) just signed amazing Dutch drum & bass scientists Noisia to the imprint"

So get used to see their releases on Mau5trap... I don't really mind where the music is released. The bigger the label the less delays, I'd say so that's a good thing.
massive step backwards I really dont wanna put money in the pocket of deadpoo, just because it means more dribble assaulting my ears from his label
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