Noisia @ Black Sheep ( Laundry Bar) wmc 09


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Dec 27, 2008
I don't know if anyone was in there but that set was siiiiiiiiiiick!!!!. He played tomb raider by fresh-Noisia remix and that remix is sick as fuck,idk if anyone heard it before but it was insane and after that he played my world, if anyone was in there it was insane. And the last song he played it has to be a new song by nosia cause he had the cd in his pocke in a ziploc bag that song was nasty, I really want to have tat setttttttt.

This is what the tracklis look after tomb raider
Tomb raider-noisia remix
My world noisia
Block control
Behold the power of darkness
It has to be a new noisia song
Tombraider remix ohhhhh gota get some audio for that!!!
Noisia are on top of the game well ahead of every1!
No1 can come close! Maybe Spor, but still they are the originators of a sick style of dnb!!!!! STINKFACE!
got this off another site:
Noisia - Machine Gun
Engage - Above the clouds
Noisia ft Joe Seven - Hand Gestures;
??? - ???
??? - ???
Icicle - late hour VIP;
??? - ???
??? - ???
??? - ???
Alix Perez - I'm Free;
Misanthrop - Factory 5;
Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix rmx);
Noisia - Behold The Power Of Darkness
Noisia - Deception
Misanthrop - Black Rain;
Spor - Do Not Shake;
Noisia - Diplodocus;
>>Spor - Claret's March;
Audio - Fallout
Pendulum - Masochist (Noisia rmx);
>> rewind; >>Limewax - Agent Orange;
Noisia - My world;
>>Noisia - Stigma;
>> rewind; >> Block Control VIP;
Spor - Aztec;
Ed Ruch & Optical - Pacman (Upbeats rmx);
??? - ???
Pendulum - ???
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