Noisemonkey - Archaic

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
I liked the elements of the track - the synths an FXs are Eerie which i liked, and the drums are pretty hot with pace an drive to em (cant really comment on the Bassline at the moment (sounded deep, but not much melody to it) as I listened on a built-in 1-way speaker (@ work cru in effect!),

On the downside - I feel the track lacks direction and is a bit repetitive, an i lost interest in it after 3 or 4 minutes.

i did listen til the end the bro! - Not a bad tune, ill have another listen over the next few days at home where i can hear the bass properly :thumbsup:


Mar 5, 2003
Bristol, UK
I like this one better than the mole, its an improvement on that one as I felt there was little to much going on, I think you convey the eerieness feeling well in the synths etc as Jay said, I like the sub on it to.

I can see where hes coming from on the repetitiveness maybe have a few change ups in the drum pattern? All about those little extras just to give it a little variance. I think might of been nice to have a break down and use the synth sound on its own that you hear on 4 mins in (think you should bring this in after 2mins), think you need to develop a definite beginging/middle/end on this.

Your production is improving with every track i hear though monkey so keep it up mate!

By far though my fave is still tequila sunrise :) if any of you havent heard that one see below liquid niceness :) :
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