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Hi all, noob here.. :wave:

Not strictly a production question, but something that has been troubling me the past few days!

I've been recording some classic dnb tapes to mp3 using a standard tape deck into numark usb mixer and audacity to record the sets.

With a lot of the sets there is a high amount of noise/hiss/background, but all the effects/filters in audacity are terrible! They just cut some of the frequencies or make it sound like a nasty download.

Any tips/programs/ideas i should be thinking about?

Thanks in advance!



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There's a plugin for this somewhere :/ I must find it. It's where I find "SimpleTremolo" and it was in DnBForum somewhere. It was a massive list of vsts and plugins.

Anyone remember?

(Get a proper EQ and take out the very tip of it, or reduce it)

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If you can change dolby mode (a, b or c) in your tape player you should try tweaking that with tapes that have more noise. If they've been recorded with dolby a for example, listening with c mode will make more noise. Not really sure but i think that's how it goes.

Anyway you cant expect very much when recording to digital from oldschool tape.