Oct 9, 2015

We are pleased to present to you a newcomer in the fam' as know as No.Ko! and his "Another" EP.
No.Ko drives you through three brand new selections, from the steppy, brooding sounds of ‘Another’, right through to the moody textures of ‘Hugs of Bass’. No.Ko takes on the traditional drum & bass moniker and injects this with his own signature, something which paves its way through the EP and allows any new listeners to find out what No.Ko is about as a producer. Beginning the EP is ‘Another’, which pushes through with the upmost precision, with slicing, fluctuating bass notes and a rhythm which takes you through the record’s core. Up next, ‘You Know’ rumbles through with low-lying subs and punching kick drums which rattle across the mix, pounding amongst monstrous samples. Finalizing the EP is ‘Hugs of Bass’ presenting a flurry of chaotic drum sequences and a winding bassline, one underpinned by the track’s sweeping atmospherics. It’s another exploration of No.Ko’s vast musical landscape, something which is difficult to pull yourself out from.

One Love from the IA Fam'!!


1. Another
2. You know
3. Hugs of bass


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