No Human Sound (Spain) promo mix

Feb 3, 2013
We’re very pleased to end the year’s uploads with the first promo mix of our new series, brought to you by the exciting up and coming Spanish drum & bass production & DJ duo No Human Sound. Their debut single ‘Ronin/Chicago’ was released on Monday on Lost Recordings and with lots more in store planned for 2018, we have absolutely no doubt that this pair of talented and dedicated producers are destined for the top.


Invadhertz - Alone

Alix Perez - Missing Pieces

Invadhertz - Boreal

Spectrasoul - Wrong To Love (ft. LSB)

Lapalux - Without You (No Human Sound X Atari Hanzo X Hes bootleg)

Technimatic - Bristol (Break remix)

Ed:IT - Babylon Step

Kyrist - Emerged

No Human Sound - Ronin

Ill Truth - 23 (Lockjaw remix)

Mayhem & Logam - Centuria (Amoss remix)

Cern - Deformity

Xtrah - Babylon Shall Fall

Cern - Spirit House

DRS - Count To Ten (Ft. Enei)

Cruk - Cold Top

Amoss - New Jack Swing

Shyun - Digital Circus

Icicle - Bitter Taste (ft. DRS)

Nickbee - Another Dimension

No Human Sound - ID

Total Science, War & Hydro - Denial

Mob Tactics - Savages

Survey - Phat Cap

InsideInfo - Num Num

Mefjus & Kasra - Decypher
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