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please contact: bookings[at] | info[at]

Spikey Tee

AUGUST 2009:
20th Anniversary Tour!

*limited select dates with Marcus Visionary are available!


[new release] Visionary f Spikey T - Whip Them Soundboy (03/09)

If you are looking for a track record then Spikey Tee definitely has one. He was first involved with reggae sound systems at the age of 13 acting as a surprise selector/operator in soundclashes in and around London. It was after singing at one of these clashes, he met DJ Fingers from London hip hop crew the Sindecut who are credited as pioneers of the UK hip hop scene and was asked to contribute to an idea for expanding the group. With a love of hip hop culture Spikey agreed, the band subsequently went on to sign for Virgin Records and released the acclaimed "Changing The Scenery" album in 1990.

After The Sindecut, Spikey joined Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart and was lead vocalist for five years. As the group's front man he brought a real edge to their live performances, particularly when he sang The Abyssinians' Rasta anthem "Satta Massa Gana". Considering the quality stock from which he comes (Spikey is related to legend Bunny Wailer no less!), it was perhaps inevitable that he would so compellingly make the Rastafarian connection. Look no further than the emotive Invaders of the Heart single, "Mount Zion", for a sublime example of this particular string to his bow. All the while Spikey continued to DJ in and around the UK, mixing hip-hop, R&B, ragga, and drum'n' bass. Not content to rest on his laurels, Spikey also made hit tunes for numerous producers, most notably with top-20 UK hit "Dark Heart", recorded for Bomb The Bass, and "Paper Soldier" for Mannasseh. After a chance meeting with Dom (Blood and Fire Records/Sound System) and Mr Scruff at a Jah Wobble concert in Manchester, Spikey Tee teamed up with the Manchester hip-hop label Grand Central for a number of collaborations.
A track with Mr. Scruff, "Is It Worth It", was received extremely well, as was "Erase The Pain" for Tony D's 'Pound for Pound' album, going on to tour with stablemate Aim as part of a 10 piece live outfit. After striking up a relationship with Blood and Fire Records, he was included in the Sound System line up and performed around Europe with reggae legends such as Dennis Alcapone, Ranking Joe and Horace Andy. Spikey also appears on the Morcheeba album "Big Calm" and their live DVD From Brixton To Beijing, where his vocals feature on "Friction" and "Shoulder Holster". He can also be found on Mark Rae's debut solo LP, "Rae Road", on the final track "Throne" and also on Dual Control's Grand Central Records debut album "Left Or Right" performing "Burn It Out"
His DJ-ing, MC-ing and singing skills have taken him around the world to Australia (where he now resides), Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Russia, and Finland to name a few. Spikey recently collaborated with New Zealand's Auckland based producer Andrew "Sola Rosa" Spraggon and recorded "Badman" for his 3rd album release "Moves On" and has been touring New Zealand as a vocalist with the band playing several festivals over the last 18 months. He is now back on vocal duties, writing and recording his first solo album which is signed to Melbourne independent label Crookneck and will be released late 07, early 08.

His appearance on DJ Hype's Ganja label on a track "Hands Up" marked his first vocal drum 'n' bass outing. This lead to Spikey being introduced to Potential Bad Boy by DJ Hype, they immediately clicked and recorded Submission which was released as an AA sided single including another collaborative effort entitled "Show Me". You can also hear Spikeys inimitable vocal on True Playaz artist Crystal Clears "Blaze". Other releases include On The Rise and Rubadouble coproduced with New Zealands Agent Alvin. The first of these tracks has been remixed by Breaks DJ/Producer Timmi Schumacher and has received excellent reviews by numerous publications and is blowing up dance floors around the world. Most recently there have been 2 more releases, one is another double a sided effort which is a collaboration with Sydney producer Ritual entitled "Bun Dem Down" and the flip being a DJ Suv remix of a track entitled "Zero Dub" released on Suv's Playsides label. The 2nd is another collaboration with a very talented producer from the Czech Republic by the name of Rido (pronounced Reedoo) entitled "Life Is Strange" released on Focuz Records. Having completed a successful dj tour of America in 2006, the process for the return trip has begun. Scheduled for late June, this next tour promises to be a step up from the last. On returning to Europe this year MC Navigator has expressed his wish of teaming up with Spikey, reuniting the pair after a hiatus period of almost two decades. These gigs should not to be missed. Always a man to keep himself busy, Later this year Spikey is looking to start production on his Soundclash video game for the Playstation.
- Written by: Ali Little.[/size]



Most of us first heard Remarc when darkside anthem Ricky was released back in '93. He went on to produce some of the most rinsingest jungle imaginable by becoming the ultimate don of the Amen break. His releases on Suburban Base, Kemet, Street Tuff, Dollar and White House are all sought after classics and now that drum'n'bass has turned into 2-step, clownstep or whatever, and all you young'uns think that Squarepusher invented the Amen break mash-up, that's why we've re-released them on the Sound Murderer album. Stop press! We got part 2 - the Unreleased Dubs 94-96 - still rinsing, just not classics.

With tracks appearing on over 111 releases worldwide there is no questioning. If you have not heard of Remarc, its time to open your ears to the founding father of the amen sound. For those familiar with the legend, this tour marks the SECOND U.S NO DRAMA WORLDWIDE TOUR EVER! Nothing more needs to be said other then make sure you find your way to one of the upcoming shows through November and December of 09, it may very well be your ONLY opportunity to ever see REMARC the sound murder perform live in the United States!
-written by Mike Vertx[/size]


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