no dnb at some partys in LA

because of taggers..... some bull shit... look what this dick had to say about dnb. the party crew said no more dnb because it's ghetto... has this happened to anybody else

i am we go.....for all the junglist's who have wondered why we didn't have a big line up of DnB at Juju this year?
well, the absolute main reason for not having a big line up was because i was really bummed out at the Drum N Bass heads that came to How Sweet it is this year.
Now dont get me wrong, I love Drum N Bass and we(b3) have been known over the years to bring out some stellar line ups and really push the envelope...
including being the 1st promoter to have Dj Hype in L.A, as well as the first to have LTJ bukem at a massive and many other first's as well.
But, with all that being said, we had at least $15,000 worth of damage at HSII.
and it was all tagging....some ghetto s**t on the walls.
Now if we didn't have to worry about the tagging and the ghetto stuff that comes along with DNB, i would have stacked the line up.

But, with that all being said. I was bummed we didn't have a big line up and tried to make up a little by bringing out Xample..hopefully some of you liked it.

I get the analogy of not getting invited to a regular bbq that you usually attend...that makes sense.

So, in the future we are going back to bringing DNB< but on that stage we will always have Dubstep too to bring a different sound to the stage as well.

If you guys can control your self and maybe help police the venue by stopping people who are vandalising, then we will continue to bring out dnb artists. BUT, if the venue gets f**ked up one more time, we will probably dis-continue DNB at our parties.

Hopefully you can all help keep DNB alive at B3 parties.
peace and respect,


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weird man, I was at how sweet and going wild front row, had a great time didnt see any tagging but I guess I wasn't looking for it... don't see how dnb artists bring anyone that much different than other types of electronic music (which was all represented at the show), weak argument in my opinion. Looks like he needs something to blame the vandalism on but then again what do I know

peace and keep the la scene clean , jungle love

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Hmmm sounds a little stereotypical?

but if there really is a crew of taggers who like to vandalise and tag the event place but ONLY when theres a dnb line up.. sounds weird for that to be the case.. but if so, then fair enough :confused:


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Horse shit man i saw more kandi kids fucking tagging at how sweet then dnb heads. Way to put blame on a group just cause they dont wear fucking fairy wings.