No Andy c set in raveology pack

Mr Amen

Jan 5, 2006
I heard he asks for millions of dollars for his sets to appear. Dunno if thats true. (And yes, SLIGHT exaggeration in there somewhere)


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Jul 3, 2005
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can someone plz tell me why the Andy C set aint in the raveology pack, I mean yh its a sick pack but were is the bad man Andy C at

they do have a choice beleave it or not and u have to think andy c has just had out his new nightlife cd mix and by not having his mixes on packs means fans may could hopefully would buy his cd ,
as you n i know ... andy's name pratically can sell a tape pack by its self , so im sure biznes wise as djs do get paid alittle for the usage of the audio set for the tape pack the price may be too steep of raveology as a biznes to warrent the shell out ...


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Sep 9, 2008
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Andy's Set wasnt that great on the night to be honest- The Turntables kept skipping throughout the night (Dillinjas set is riddled with annoying skips) and pretty much prevented him from doing the normal amount of mixing he does.

As to whether thats why his set aint on there I aint sure, but it wouldn't suprise me if that was the reason.
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