Niz Naz December Mix (My First Serious Mix)

Niz Naz

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Jul 23, 2011
Barbican, London
Hi all,
just got into mixing properly - I dabbled with midi for a bit, but recently bought a pair of techs and currently using time coded vinyl and well this is the first mix I've recorded. I would be really grateful if you could leave feedback - and be completely honest (I suspect most'll be brutal anyways)...theres quite a few errors floating in there so apologies for those.

Listening back the first 4-5 tunes aren't mixed very well at all, but it gets better after Waterboard I think. Try listening to the whole thing despite the crappy's definitely better in some areas than others - but enough from me, hope you enjoy. Thanks.

1. Dub Phizix - Narrow Eyes Feat. Fox & Chimpo
2. S.P.Y - Xenomorph
3. Icicle - Dreadnaught Feat. SP:MC
4. Optiv - Waterboard
5. Skeptical - Catch 22
6. Spectrasoul - Reminiscence
7. Enei - Obsession Feat. MC DRS
8. Stray - Can of Cancun
9. Spinline - Artificial
10. Icicle - Minimal Funk
11. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
12. Basher & Xtrah - Hubble
13. Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation
14. Fierce & Vicious Circle - Euphoric
15. Brak - Trying
16. Calibre - Smooth Baby
17. Basher & Xtrah - Reflections
18. Break - Something New
19. Calibre & ST Files - Falling Down
20. Rene Lavice - Splie
21. Xtrah - Arise
22. Noisia & Alix Perez - Underprint
23. Rido & Hybris - First Contact
24. Wickaman & RV - Ev's Dead
25. J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz
26. Break & Die - Slow Down
>>Commix - Belleview (dBridge Remix)
>>Rockwell - Full Circle
ez man, thanks for the message, cant really refuse a tracklist like this.

2. S.P.Y - Xenomorph - not bad, bit wobbly at points, xenomorph has too much mid, reduce it a bit so the vocals from narrow eyes has room to breathe

3. Icicle - Dreadnaught Feat. SP:MC - really well positioned, its a nice mix, sounds a bit clangy tho, again, slightly less mid range on xenomporph, not as much required on this one.
4. Optiv - Waterboard - drums sounded a bit weird together with these 2, theres a lot going on at different times. the stab from dreadnaught sounds nice hitting at the same time as waterboard so i see why u have mixed them together. needs eq work to get them to fuse better tho. prob no bass on dreadnaught and much less treble but full mid. full eq on waterboard and a notch away from the mid imo.

5. Skeptical - Catch 22 - intro sounds nice. was a really clean mix. shame they didn'r drop together. edit... u brought it back in with some fades. like it. people dont do this sort of thing enough. not bad man.

6. Spectrasoul - Reminiscence - not a bad mix by all means. but they seemed to sit on each other and not fuse together if that makes sense.

7. Enei - Obsession Feat. MC DRS - lil less mid on reminiscence. especially when that pad came into play, it dominated the mid range.

8. Stray - Can of Cancun - bit wobbly at points. sounds nice on the drop tho. mid range percussion sounded cool and didn't clog up the vocals. it was a bit sudden and harsh when u switched it tho.

9. Spinline - Artificial - liked the way the percussion on each one played off each other at the begining. thought it was too much when both tracks were bonging togehter tho.

10. Icicle - Minimal Funk - not bad. needs some mid eq work to make them as one. probably a lil less on artificial. ended a bit sudden.

11. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) - didn't like it to be honest. minimal funk had no room in the mix. they wouldn't have sat that nice regardless of how u eq'd it imo. liked the cut off switch, was cool.

12. Basher & Xtrah - Hubble - intro sat nice. was hoping they would have dropped together. dunno how it would have sounded. would have been ok with hubble with no bass and lunar as it was with a lil less mid and trebble.

13. Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation - when it came in, it stole the whole mix. that pad was really loud. either less volume on it or a lot less mid eq.
eq'd a bit better it would have been a nice nice blend.

14. Fierce & Vicious Circle - Euphoric - not bad at all.

15. Break - Trying - yeah ok. bit harsh and sudden switch. think ur using the crossfader. try using the volume fader and ease it down a lil more gently.

16. Calibre - Smooth Baby - cool

17. Basher & Xtrah - Reflections - wicked

18. Break - Something New - liked where u brought it in. was really loud. i would have brought the voulme fader up 3/4 the way then upped it bang on the drop. nice mix tho.

19. Calibre & ST Files - Falling Down - didn't like hearing the intro during something new's break down. it was just there hardly audible in the background. was cool when they dropped, lot less mid on falling down tho. or personally i would have had falling downs bass down and something new's bass up. think it would have sounded cleaner that way.

20. Rene Lavice - Splie - not heard this track before. nice tune, mix wasn't to shabby either.

21. Xtrah - Arise - whhhops.. bit of a slip on the drop there. sadly took a while to fix it. sounded nice when it was in time.

22. Noisia & Alix Perez - Underprint - yes yes! was really cool. lil less mid and trebble on arise imo. just so it sits with underprint and not so much over it.

23. Rido & Hybris - First Contact - came outta nowhere, u on 3 plates? the into's pad was slightly loud over underprint. a lil less volume. sounded a bit messy after a while tho and u could tell underprints breakdown was in the mix but couldn't hear it.

24. Wickaman & RV - Ev's Dead - is this even out yet???

25. J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz - yeah nice, bit too much trebble on trebble.

26. Break & Die - Slow Down - nice n clean

>>Commix - Belleview (dBridge Remix) - not bad

>>Rockwell - Full Circle - meh, wasn't really feeling it to be honest.

all in all man, a nice mix. just work on ur eq levels. most of all knowing when to reduce some mid range. try to use the volume faders instead of the crossfader when cutting off tracks.
Big ups Teddy, you've given me great insight..can't thank you enough for the in depth analysis. Yeh I never really touch the mids..& only occasionally fiddle with the highs when I'm double dropping things..but will definately start using the mid eqs more now. I do always use the volume faders - just bring them right down at points instead of smoothly. Ohh & as for Ev's dead - I've only got half the track which I obtained when I bought Goldie's fabric live mix digitally :teeth: Im using two 1210s & and one of the players on my controller so 3 decks altogether..though I only used two for most of the mix. Will post more up in the coming weeks/months hopefully. Thanks again.
Just given this another listen through... there's a few slip ups, especially near the beginning, but towards the end the mixing gets really tight and you can't fault that tune selection!
Arise >>> underprint and Slow Down >>> Belleview remix are both huge! Will definitely give this another listen once I get back home and have my headphones back... laptop speakers don't do these tunes justice!
Thanks for the feedback Mish! I'm glad your feeling some of the mixes, slow down >>> belleview remix is one of my favourites. Yeah please do mate..slightly worried your gonna pick up on more errors now though haha :/ thanks again
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