NitrousUK 'New Year, New Things' Promo CD


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Jul 26, 2007
Norfolk, UK
Yet another one from me, see bored on school holidays, all about the mixing then init. :D. Some small sketchy bits as usual but overall pretty good. Don't ask why I called it a 'Promo CD' it just sound better than 'mix', and I made sure it was just the right length to fit on one CD. It's not gonna come out on CD so pointless calling it a CD really, but ya na, things happen :D. Yes I do have a pretty small collection of vinyl, around 70 records, that's why my mixes have some of the same tunes in, but CD deck should be here tomoz so in the part 2 of this mix expect to see some fresh/old skool tunes in it :).



Hazard - 0121
Gridlok - Skanka
Xample - Lowdown
Die feat. Ben Westbeech - The reasons why
Hype & Daddy Earl - Rollin' it
Culture Shock - Imax
Sub Focus - Join the dots
Original Sin - Decibel
A.I - Crocodile
Jonny L - Come here
Chase & Status - Judgement (informer)
High Contrast - If we ever
Original Sin - Cheater cheater
Origin Unknown - Truly one
Spectrasoul - Alibi
Bassface Sasha - International sound
Break - Chaos theory
Chase & Status - Streetlife
Taxman - The circle
Hazard - Killers don't die
Chase & Status feat. Plan B - Pieces
Benga & Coki - Night (Digital soundboy remix)
Ebony Dubsters - Ra
Demo & Cease - Ladies Night (VIP mix)
PA & Mutated Forms - Hitback
Culture Shock - Kronix
Die - Slow burn
Hazard - Busted
A.I - Days of rage
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Jul 26, 2007
Norfolk, UK
I've been bored pretty much all week so this is my third in 5 days lol! You get on the other ones Bouds? Liquid one is better imo outta those 1, but outta all 3 I would say this is the best 1 lol :D
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