NitrousUK - July 2010


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A mix I recorded yesterday, it was gonna be all Deep/Liquid vibes but I decided to switch it up at the end for some variation.
Enjoy, feedback appreciated and welcome!

B Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP
S.P.Y. - Xenomorph
Netsky - Iron Heart
Subwave - Stars Get Down
Rockwell - Full Circle
Ulterior Motive - Glued
Need For Mirrors ft. Zero T - Tilt
Jubei ft. dBridge - Patience
dBridge - Mourning Dawn
Jubei - Carbon
Lynx ft. Hellrazor - Shady Pastimes
Ulterior Motive - Featherweight
Rockwell - My War
Foreign Beggars - Contact (Noisia Remix)
Pleasure & Origin - Tick Fa Tack
Taxman - Evasion Remix VIP
Deekline & Ed Solo - I Don't Smoke (Ed Solo vs. System Remix)
Bluefoot - Jawbreaker
Bad Company - The Nine
[65 mins] [320kb/s] [140mb]
Nitrous, bigups. I'm 40 minutes into your mix and I am really digging it man. I think we have fairly similar taste in tunes. Overall, mixing is solid.

Couple of remarks:

mix at around 11 minutes - keys clash mildly. Nothing real bad, but just something to be aware of.

Mix at 30 minutes - I like this mix a lot. You rode it for a long time and it worked. Thanks for the tracklist, because that song before featherweight is really cool! I used featherweight in my mix too... that song is a freaking monster. Love it.

I will finish listening and let you know of anything else, good or bad, I think you should be aware of. But again, overall... really strong work my man.

If you get a chance, can you give my mix a listen? I've been trying to give strong feedbacks to peeps in here and it seems to be a bit of a challenge to get people to do the same.