Nitrous - October '10


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DLR & Octane - Seven [Dispatch]
>>> DJ Die - Ghetto Bizness [Clear Skyz Dub?]
>>> Ram Trilogy - Milky Way
Vicious Circle - Snorkel [Siren Dub]
Enei - One Chance [Dub]
Xample & Lomax - Link To The Past [RAM]
Tyke & Recipe - Music Makers [GRID Dub]
Majistrate - Step Up [Low Down Deep]
Bladerunner - Spartan Law [Dub]
Serum - Basslick [GRID]
Commix - I Have You [Dub]
Total Science - Squash (S.P.Y 2010 Remix) [RUN DNB]
Sigma - Stronger [BBK]
The Upbeats & Gridlok - The Jitters [RAM]
Spor - Halogen [Lifted]
DC Breaks - Pickett Line VIP [Frequency Dub?]
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Lynx 2010 Remix) [Metalheadz Dub]
Phace - Strange Science [Shogun Audio]
Alix Perez - Dark Days [Shogun Audio]
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Invisible]
Spor - Kingdom [Lifted]
Hamilton - Soundboy [RAM]
Sigma - Paint It Black [Hospital]
[50mins] [60mb] [160kb/s]

Bit sketchy in a couple of places, one of those was the CD deck's fault and the other was mine. Mine being the worst as the Pulp Fiction/Pickett Line VIP mix was gonna be sick! Shame it was a tiny bit out on the drop. Also the intro was quite hard to do with 2 decks, really want a 3rd one!
Feedback appreciated. Ezz