NightWalker Second Time Around LP

Tha Dizzle

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Nov 9, 2008

Coming Soon as Double CD, one mixed, one unmixed.

1. Dirty Secret
2. I Can Do It Too
3. Feel It
4. Wonkey Eyed Lesbian VIP
5. Trapped
6. Naughty Boy VIP
7. Strobe
8. Fallen
9. Stomp It Down
10. Robot Skullphuq
11. Haunted
12. Promos 3

the sampler ( i can do it too / feel it ) will be on promo any day now..

the album on vinyl will be 4 singles, 2 will come out at a time with a couple weeks between them.

the vocal version of feel it 'bedroom dj' will be an exclusive mp3 download soon too.

4 More Info Go To

or check out 1 of these 2 listen
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