Ten Ton Beats

Ten Ton Beats
Feb 22, 2006
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Ten Tons Deeper starts the year in style with a drum and bass veteran at the helm. Shodan is a name drum and bass heads across the globe will know well. Before he took a break from the world of dnb Shodan built up a discography of hits working with the best in the industry and delivering some tracks that can only be described as Anthems.
He is probably most well known for his tracks alongside the legendary Phantasy 'Gimme the girl' Feat UK Apache which was signed to DJ Hype's Ganja records and of course 'England Story' featuring the top tier of drum and bass mc's of the era. Some huge releases preceded these including the massive No Liar feat Fatman D, but the release Shodan is most proud of is his Living in Darkness remix, which gave him huge amounts of kudos from his piers and did some serious damage in the dancefloor.
Now we fast forward a few years and Shodan has returned, but he has chilled a bit in his time away from the scene which is evident by some of the sublime liquid dnb he has now turned his hand to.
Nightshift is a clean, expertly produced masterpiece, now based in Wales it seems Shodan has taken note of his surroundings and has been able to write his music accordingly, those rolling hills are definetly akin to Nightshifts rolling basslines, well placed chord progressions and dreamy vocals.

Shodan is in no hurry to prove anything to anyone and feels it important that each track stands alone, so the listening masses can fully take it all in with out being concerned with the track that goes with it. Its true to say only someone with Shodans credentials could pull something like this off, and the good folks at Ten Tons Deeper were happy to use this as a marketing strategy, a single should be a single right?, lol. Anyway lets be honest the track speaks for itself, you can expect more from Shodan on Deeper as the year goes on, and i can assure you there is some great music coming your way.
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