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Hey everyone,

Pacific and I are proud to announce that the second release on our new label Nightfall Recordings is coming out on promo this week. Here are the details:

Psidream and Pacific push their sound to the next level with the launch of their new label Nightfall Recordings. Focusing on the futuristic but musical dancefloor vibes, Nightfall will serve as a main channel for their best work, collaborative or solo. “Death Sentence” and “Quicksand” are the next chapter in shaping the sound of Nightfall.

Psidream – Death Sentence - AUDIO

“Death Sentence” builds steadily with a grimy mid-line and tense strings that eventually rise to a huge drop with massive subs, punishing drums, and a flanged out midrange. Halfway through, the groove takes a turn and a newer, more funky combination of bass and mid sounds carry the tune. Featured on Dieselboy’s recent “Substance D” mix CD (out now on System Recordings), this track is not one to miss if you are a fan of high octane drum & bass.

Psidream, Dose, Teknik & Menace - Quicksand - AUDIO

During Psidream’s recent travels to New Zealand, he found himself in the studio with three of the country’s brightest upcoming producers. Dose, Teknik & Menace have also been featured on various releases on top-notch labels such as Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, Project 51 and Soul:r. “Quicksand” is a heavy slice of the funk, with a large array of fx, fills and a dangerous bassline switch.


Dieselboy, Ed Rush, Pendulum, Bulletproof, Cause 4 Concern, State Of Mind, Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, Future Prophecies, and more.

On promo this week ;)


Still available:

Runway - AUDIO

“Runway” starts off with tense atmosphere and a mid-line tease. The energy builds and eventually drops into a grimey bassline with rolling drums. A vocal hook joins them shortly and builds into a bassline switch which never fails to bring the funk.

Without A Trace - AUDIO

“Without A Trace” starts off with big synth chords that carry the rest of the atmosphere which grows steady until a distinct melody is heard. No time wasted here, this tune drops right into an upfront lead, heavy bass line and running beats. Not long after, another switch is made with an even nastier bassline.


Ed Rush, Pendulum, Bad Company, Gridlok, Black Sun Empire, Cause 4 Concern, Concord Dawn, Bulletproof, State Of Mind, The Upbeats, etc.


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