Nightfall 001 available on Beatport


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Aug 25, 2003
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Hey everyone!

Nightfall Recordings 001 was released today on MP3, and is available exclusively through Beatport, and various other MP3 shops shortly after.

Here is some info on the release..




“Runway” starts off with tense atmosphere and a mid-line tease. The energy builds and eventually drops into a grimey bassline with rolling drums. A vocal hook joins them shortly and builds into a bassline switch which never fails to bring the funk.

Without A Trace:

“Without A Trace” starts off with big synth chords that carry the rest of the atmosphere which grows steady until a distinct melody is heard. No time wasted here, this tune drops right into an upfront lead, heavy bass line and running beats. Not long after, another switch is made with an even nastier bassline.


Ed Rush, Pendulum, Bad Company, Gridlok, Black Sun Empire, Cause 4 Concern, Concord Dawn, Bulletproof, State Of Mind, The Upbeats, etc.


Exclusively available for purchase at Beatport and many more to follow.


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