Nicol & Majistrate - 5 tonnes remix / rumble... HELP!

chris getme

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Jul 25, 2008
Ya'll know the tune that Friction was rinsing alot not too long ago, bit of a wobbly 1 but a tune! I found out recently that its undercover agent - 5 tonnes(nicol Majistrate remix). Just been on in the promos section and seen on the B of a dope ammo tune a Majistrate tune called rumble. It sounds to me exactly the same as 5 tonnes remix but a bit different but deffo worse. Not sure wether to pick it up or wait and hope. Any1 know anything about this? Maybe didnt get rights to release the remix so made a seperate tune of it to be released. really hope this aint the case as the remix that friction was rinsing was deffo better. Hate it wen this happens. Any1 else thinkin of the wompy version of original ninja that isnt available?!
Any help appreciated.


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Jan 11, 2008
Hemel Hempstead
I think there was trouble clearing the samples used from the 5tones remix, so he edited it and is releasing it as 'Rumble'.

Bag it, the 5tones remix won't be getting released.

Available through nu-urban as well ;)
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