nicky blackmarket global gathering 08


serial killa
Mar 21, 2008
is this random if it is al take it down a put it up cuz it dont say ya cant post global shit safe anyway bro. pressure not sure who else but heavy set.


Wavey Farms
VIP Junglist
Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Dis is an absoulute KILLA 1of the best sets of the yearrrrrrr!!!!
MC's are Fatman D, $pyda, Presha, Skibbz & Juiceman at the end. If anyone can ID the 1st tune Nicky B drops wen Fatman's like "Nicky Nicky Owwww Owwww Owwwwww!!" at d beginning, thn they r a legend.......................
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