Nick:EP May 2010 mix.....Reppin Disfunktional Radio & Origin FM


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Its been a few months comming but its that time again! Loads of fresh beats straight from the streets! Feedback always welcome, i hope you all enjoy!

Scuba – Descent (Hot Flush Recordings)
Oak – Sequence 2 (N/A)
Scuba – Before (Hot Flush Recordings)
dBridge – Lost Shadow (N/A)
Jonny L - Common Origin (XL Recordings)
Mode – Stats (Ingredients)
Junemiller – Half Top Feelings (Horizons)
Helious – First Dream Called Ocean - Stray remix (Med School)
Consequence Ft. ASC – From a Distance (Exit Records)
Triad – Assassin (DSM)
dBridge, Instru:mental & Skream – Arcacia Avenue (Non Plus +)
Pessimest – Subtle Feelings (Influenza Minus Dub)
Sabre – One Hundred Teeth - Hooka Reincarnation (Dub)
Rockwell – Molloch (DSB)
Data – Mask of Sanity (Horizons)
Halogenix – Rock a By (Dub)
Sabre, Icicle & Noisia – Quarters (Critical)
Spinline – Radioactive (Shogun Audio)
Nymfo – Indemnity (Crunch Recordings)
Code 3 – Response Call (Exit Records)
Dakosa – Psuedo Science (N/A)
Data – Abstractions (Horizons)
Halogenix – Possibility (Buried Audio Dub)
dBridge & Instru:mental – Detroit (Non Plus +)
ST Files – Weight Down (Soul R)
Pessimest Ft. Vega – Eastern Prophet (Buried Audio Dub)
Anile - Intice (DSM)​
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Yorkshire Tony

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Grabbin this, always used to enjoy your shows on radio before i moved into what seems a box made of lead, internet signal is shockingly poor!!!!

Gonna get blasted on the ipod when im on the beach next week ;)