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Nick and Erina Z- Raise Some Hell (feat Erina Z)

Nick Z

Nick and Erina Z- "Raise Some Hell"(feat Erina Z)

We have been working on this tune for about 2 weeks. Erina recorded her vocals and wrote the mellody and I edited them. Erina said she would like to offer the sound files to anyone that would like to re-mix the tune. If you are interested, please let us know. Thanks for listening. Cheers.

Here- http://www.beatbiz.net/player.php?tid=2455

Here- http://www.musicv2.com/listen.php?m=52439


- You don't realize that I am already waiting for you (English)

- There is a sound that only you can hear; for you and no one else (Japanese)

- It's a dazzling light like nothing you have ever seen (Japanese)