Nice Monday - Calm Your Head

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    Hey guys, haven't worked on any dnb for awhile and I'm finishing up a liquid tune. Would love any feedback/tips before I start making final touches :) I feel as though my strings get too muddy at times and would love any tips to make my strings/pianos sound better.

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    nice liquid stuff right there
    I don't really hear a problem with muddy strings or what soevery... On getting them sound better, I eq quite hard when i have both playing together. Sometimes I make a dip in the mid of the piano to leave more space for the piano. It's what you want to hear from them. You want the piano leading the strings? Being underneath, lower the mid. Or vice versa: cut the strings where you want the piano
    Overal on the tune: those background noises where to loud (splashes, chimes, ticks) but the bass is nicely flowing and smooth