Nice and free way of organizing AU plugins in Ableton


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Jan 12, 2017
I guess most of you know about the option to save AU plugin presets in LIve , but recently I found that this is the best way to organize your AU units. Before that I used Auganizer , but I think the limitations are more then benefits of this program + copies all files in System Plugins folder which doubles the size of the HD space used by AUs. Also with Auganizer you can't create subfolder in each category... for paid software is not much :/

On the other hand , native AU save option in Ableton have much more benefits:

1 - it's FREE
2 - Does't take up additional disk space
3 - You can create sub folders in each category
4 - You can locate the actual preset file and edited if you want
5 - You can create more then one preset for each AU , and then hot swap it . For example compressor with hard and soft settings.You can hot swap even different AU plugins!

For those of you who don't know how to save AU presets - just clik on disk icon on the upper right corner of plugin itself. Then Ableton will create preset file and just name it. Create folder for each category you want and just put the presets in each folder. It's that easy. Note that this only works for AU units . But you can organize VSTs directly in your VST plugin folder by creating folders for each category and just put the vst files there.

I hope this is usefull for someone :)
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