Drum & Bass Nic TVG "Then I Disappear" LP :: D&B with a different slant


Hey all,

okay, some of you will already have this as the CD version has been available through the Subtle Audio Shop since August and was released through ST Holdings distribution on September 23rd.

Grab a listen to the full album set on Soundcloud ...


Anyway, thought I'd post here today as the digital download version has just come out and is now available from :

Boomkat ---> http://boomkat.com/downloads/865426-nic-tvg-then-i-disappear-album

Junodownload ---> http://www.junodownload.com/products/nic-tvg-then-i-disappear/2349497-02/

Beatport ---> http://www.beatport.com/release/then-i-disappear-album/1202280

Subtle Audio Shop (there are also some CD copies left) ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=SUBTLE005CD&x=0&y=0

Just want to say congrats to Nic - a debut album for any musician is special, glad you considered Subtle Audio worthy of releasing it :)

Nic TVG, “Then I Disappear” (SUBTLE005CD)

1. A Mouse Among Monsters
2. The Clown
3. Playing Drums As Pads
4. Lose The World On An Excuse
5. I'm Sorry I Puked On Your Dress (Album Version)
6. Then I Disappear
7. Out Of No More
8. Sitting In The Crosswalk
9. Let Yourself Be Unknown (Alternate Mix)
10. She Looks Like Marisa Tomei
11. My Life As A Hairless Aardvark
12. Friday Nights With Heather

The CD is being distributed by ST Holdings and is still available in some stores...

Redeye ---> http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/47662-SUBTLE005CD-nic-tvg-then-i-disappear-cd

Chemical ---> http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=SUBTLE005CD

Juno ---> http://www.juno.co.uk/products/nic-tvg-then-i-disappear/506155-01/

Intense ---> http://www.intenserecords.co.uk/view.php?TitleId=21447

Deejay (Germany) ---> https://www.deejay.de/play/details__132152

As mentioned earlier, there are still some copies available in the Subtle Audio Shop aswell as a limited edition 12" vinyl sampler (featuring remixes by dgoHn and Anstam!) ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.co..._result.php?keywords=Then+I+Disappear&x=0&y=0

Some Spiel :

Nic TVG avoids the Drum & Bass clichés and unearths a barrage of unheard breaks for
the rhythmic template on this, his debut album. He demonstrates a delicate touch in his
manipulations of this material on the intro track “A Mouse Among Monsters” and also a
maniacal tendency in the insanely chopped nature of “Friday Nights With Heather” at the
death of proceedings. In between, there are many facets of Nic's repertoire to explore.

There is an unmistakable free-jazz theme running throughout this album and so, it is
no surprise to see Nic pay tribute to the great Charles Gayle and his on-stage alter ego
“Streets” on “The Clown”. The track encapsulates the sad nature of Gayle's existence as
a homeless person in New York in the 70's and 80's but also his devious musical nature,
evident in the way the rhythm steps in and out of its regular meter and switches between
a number of different percussive palettes at a moments notice.

The free-jazz influence is to the fore again on “Playing Drums As Pads” where the most
unlikely and unwieldy drum-kit patterns are pushed together and somehow made coherent
and compelling. “Lose The World On An Excuse” promises to remain a little more regular
initially but the pulsing kicks of the intro soon give way to a whirlwind of drums, pitching
bass notes and off-key violins for maybe the zaniest tune on the album!

I'm Sorry I Puked On Your Dress” sounds like Jazz and Drum & Bass meeting
Tchaikovsky's “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy”. You could be listening to the future of
ballet right here.

Moving on, the title track “Then I Disappear” is all intense drums, flitting bass plucks
and looping horns. The reversed keys introduced as the track progresses develop a more
reflective air which leads nicely into “Out Of No More” - probably the most introspective
track on the album.

Perking things up is “Sitting In The Crosswalk” which forsakes the jazz overtones to flex a
more recognisable Drum & Bass influence amid an uplifting autumnal ambience. The D&B
strains are also much in evidence on “Let Yourself Be Unknown”. Crunchy amens cartwheel
among stark, sustained atmospherics but eventually give way to a wistful synth riff
before the beats and bass broodily return.

She Looks Like Marisa Tomei” is interesting for its title but also for the way the rhythms
are occasionally ratcheted up a notch from the steady kick and hi-hat interchanges by
the injection of some rowdy funk drums. The bass and stretched wind-instruments work
particularly well together in this beautiful blend of breakbeat and blues.

My Life As A Hairless Aardvark” might just beat the stiff competition for best track title on
the album. It also might just feature the most obtuse rhythm, which is saying something!
And so to the maniacal chopping of “Friday Nights With Heather”... talk about going out
with a bang ! ... and then, I disappear.