Nibz - Liquid mix 3 decks 2013

So I've recorded a liquid mix today; its something I've wanted to for a while. Sorry if its a bit of an anthem bashing but I wanted to do a mix which would include my favourite liquid tracks: What to do in these times, Love affair, Bittersweet, Contradictions, All of my love, Sometimes we lie & If we ever. I wanted it to be short and sweet and something I could listen to after a mad night o_O

Mixed on 3 decks, the tracklist is below. Very happy with the outcome, except for one mix didn't go to plan; I wanted to double 'Don't say it' with 'Running' but when I took 'Red sky at night' out and switched headphones over to the other channel Don't say it it was a beat out! Couldn't double so brought it in another way, apart from bit that I've enjoyed listening back; hopefully would like some feedback good, or bad. Thanks for listening....

LSB - All of my love (Technimatic remix)
> Technimatic - Mirror image
Calibre - What to do in these times
Alix Perez - The last of us
Phil Tangent - Giving up the ghost
> Calibre - Dema beats
High Contrast - If we ever
> Stakka & K Tee - Orange sunshine
Alix Perez - Contradictions
Marky & S.P.Y - Love affair
Calibre - Untitled
Lenzman - Bittersweet 2
> Ancy C & Shimon - Nightlife
Technimatic - Not far to go
Calibre - Running
> Logistics - Red sky at night
LSB - Dont say it
Spectrasoul - Sometimes we lie
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