NI Massive update problem


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I have been using the old version of Massive 1.1 (I think) for ages... all good working perfectly. I updated it to 1.5, it worked fine for a week or so then it started fucking up. It crashes every time I try and play with it. I have tried uninstalling it, downloading the .exe from a different source, tried again, same thing. Uninstalled, tried to install my old version. Same thing... Argh, frustrating... Now I cant use my Massive...

Has anyone had this problem?

Does anyone know a solution?

Can anyone direct me to a working version download? PLEASE?
It's cause you have a pirated version, naughty naughty tsk tsk. What you're going to want to do is go into your computer

Start > Type in Appdata (if that doesn't come up, google how to show hidden folders) > Local > Native Instruments > Delete the NIdatabase. You'll have to do this atleast 3 times a day if you're reguarly using massive, especially before opening a project if you have massive saved into one of them because it'll crash your DAW.

My suggestion to fix this is find the latest version of massive (it's 3.1 or something I think isn't it?) Anyhoozers, find a Mac version, yes, Mac. Mount it to your drive using Alcohol or something. Then install. That should fix it; did for me. I mean.. I don't pirate software :teeth:

Edit: Sorry, the latest version or very close to it is 1.3.0
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