Dubstep NI Kontakt & NI Massive Bass Sound Design Dirty


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Aug 17, 2011
Walsall, United Kingdom
I done this video today and thought I'd share it. It's 25 minutes long btw and is more of a walkthrough/demonstration. I could only upload 960 for some reason. Sound quality and image quality is good though.

A tutorial/walkthrough on how to create dirty baselines for Dubstep using Kontakt and Massive. Can also be used for Drum and Bass. Very evil and demonic.

The video demonstrates the use of Native Instruments Kontakt and Native Instruments Massive to do sound design which can be used to create a dubstep baseline.

I learnt this method of creating baselines from trial and error and it's stuck, so I've put up the video to show others.

You get to see the complete workflow and how I create baselines. I didn't record this as a tutorial, so there may be some parts of the video that seem to be long, or dragged out. You may also find easier ways to do certain things that I've done, but as I've stated this is MY way of working.

With the use of automation you can create some very sophisticated sounds!

Enjoy, and I hope you take away something from this demonstration to add to your productions.

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