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Jan 12, 2008
easy all just letting you know about are next release on www.neutronicbeats.com



Release Date: 27th Jan 2012 - [ only from www.neutronicbeats.com ]

Audio Link below:

Small release Info:
This first track on this release entitle ‘Now Hear Dis!’ is by brand new American producer who goes by the name, Hidalgo.
He has provided us with a track that is sure to set fiyah to any dancefloor.
It comes in straight away with a big, epic intro of hard pounding drums and crystal clear percussion.
This is teamed with some big horn sounds and some nice subtle atmospherics that is sure to have everyone marching like a brass band to the dancefloor.
Then on the drop your sent on a disgusting journey of brutal bass synths and deep wall shaking subs that absolutely blow the back doors off of any building.
if you don’t know Hidalgo, then get to know. Because this is only the start of the onslaught of sickness that he is bringing.

The second track on this release is provided to you by what is already one of the most filthy tracks of 2012.
This track entitled ‘Chix’ brings to artists that are killing the scene at the moment.
Shrust and DJ Manga have teamed up to create a master piece of jump-up drum and bass.
Coming in with an intro of almost soothing atmospherics and tight, crisp drums and percussion that may have you believing that the rest of the track is going to be the same.
But on the drop the track explodes into what can only be described as a bulldozer of noise that will have you stomping holes through the floor of the dance.
Switching up the drum beat to something hard, stomping and relentless and adding a bassline that may disfigure your face permanently, this track is something never to be taken with a pinch of salt.

If you would like to check out the Full Write up about this release, including youtube promo video, release artwork, SoundCloud link and online audio, please head over to:

Feel free to leave comments here or on soundcloud or are youtube videos, i only ask that you keep it clean and respectful

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