Next Hype 18 [Tracklist + Free DL] [Great Response So Far]


Nov 16, 2016
As mentioned in the title, this is the mix I've got most attention on to date.

Posted it 24 hours ago & got 20+ likes 10+ reposts, which I'm pretty happy with.

It's all love, hmu with any mixes you've got, be the man & give mine a listen :rolleyes:

Ego Trippin - Drum Beatz
G Dub - Back in Business
Bou - Bounty Bar
Dominator - Flight 33
Filthy Habits - Abandoned
Agro - Big Food Mover
Kanine - Switch
Kanine - The Shadows
Heist - Set Up
Simula - Hooven VIP
My Nu Leng x Flava D - Soul Shake (1991 Remix)
Jinx & Dawn Raid - Strife (Bou Remix)
Bou - Swine Flu
Annix - Nuff Sound Can't Play
Benny L - Low Blow
Jayline - Willow VIP
Kanine - Keyboard Warrior
Ego Trippin - Filthy Criminal VIP
Turno Ft Kombo - BMT

I'm aware there's no dl link just yet but it's posted on my mates soundcloud. Soon as I get a request here I'll make the effort to drop him a message about it :D
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