Nexaka - Abraxi

Im at school so I only have my average phones, and Im writing while listening.

What I can hear it sounds pretty empty. The kick is too much in the background, some lower harmonics would hit the spot as the atmospheric pad doesn't have enough lower-mid punch. I'm not sure about the structure either, mid break would work better if it wasn't that long, the verses with all elements should be longer with variation imo. It feels like it's centered to only that one lead, but later you introduced it with glitch so it has a bit variation. Feels like there has to be more variation on other elements too, so it could have a whole new sounding verse there, and then go back to the "chorus" before end, you know what I mean? The pad kinda atmos melody sounds pretty detuned, not sure if meant to?

So in a nutshell, fix the kick, make it have a bit more punch, add a new pad, or make the old one have more lower mid end. Would be nice to have that sort of different verse at near the end, where it has that glitch. Add new sounds there and change the atmos a bit, it would throw it in the listeners face, in a good way. I actually noticed the little change now, but make that change be more noticeable.

Hopefully helps even a bit.
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