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    News 2007 /Sinuous Records sin015
    a.Masheen, Cannon Boys & NC-17 - The Menace
    aa.Proket - Locomotive (Sinuous Records) Promo very soon!!

    Sinuous Records sin015
    a.Masheen, Cannon Boys & NC-17 - The Menace
    aa.Proket - Locomotive
    a.Masheen, Cannon Boys & NC-17 - The Menace
    Masheen has teamed up with the Cannon boys and NC-17 for the latest installment on the Sinuous label.
    (Cannon boyz)
    "The Menace" starts off with a moody intro that sets you up for some damage. This one is most definitely
    for the tech-infused heads. With a minimal hypnotic groove, sci-fi fx sounds, filtering rolling breaks
    and tight percussion with gut-wrenching basslines. Exceptional skills that make sure your feet will be moving.
    This could be the back bone of any tech-influenced set and should be on the top of your list and ready for
    some serious dancefloor action!!

    aa.Proket - Locomotive
    This one goes straight for the jugular starting out with sweeping atmospherics that are razor-sharp.
    Strange Russian female vocals saying"There is a train coming on second railway." Incessant percussion builds
    intensity with mind-bending progression and bruising techno. Industrial schranz beats, while a syncopated bassline pumps
    An absolute techno fuelled killer that will destroy dancefloors all over the planet,
    Prepare yourselves for serious distruction.
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