Newest Addition to the CG AM roster - DEAD PA & Prolific


Jul 14, 2004
Newest Addition to the CG AM roster - DEAD PA & Prolific

Cyber Groove AM is proud to annouce our newest members to our roster:

DEAD PA & Prolific

Booking info:

Scott McCusker
Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management
CyberGroove2k < AIM


One of the fastest up-and-coming live P.A.s in the entire U.S. - DEAD P.A. is changing the rules of dancefloor events. After cutting their teeth in the fourth largest U.S. city of Houston, Texas with an unusual dynamic interaction of live percussion, guitar, keyboards, vocals and programmable audio, the act quickly obtained a monthly residence at a swanky downtown club and has set fire everywhere since with their unique brand of "Drum N Breaks." While DJs are known for bringing music to the party, DEAD P.A. is bringing back the party to music. An emphasis on performance (rather than standing behind gear and pumping a fist once in a while) has generated comparison to a concert atmosphere or hip hop stage show and has consistently won over even the "cliquiest" of music-lovers. Their adrenalin fueled exchange with audiences has kept them in demand in California, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida...just to name a few.

Prolific (DJ/MC)

Prolific is one of the youngest and most talented Musicians out of NW Florida. Whether it's rocking B-boy Jams, Tablist Parties, Microphones or an all out DNB assault, Prolific is moving the crowd with profound turntable routines, intricate lyrics and original tracks with a unique assortment of flavor.

Prolific's real name is Carmel Ceravolo, he began his musical craft as a child picking up a fretless bass at the age of 10. His passion to make music started with playing with a couple of thrash metal and punk bands through his teen years. After learning to play the bass guitar he eventually moved to rhyming, learning the tablist technique, and music engineering with pro tools.

He started to freesytle with fellow friends and opponents at house parties and on the streets. Eventually he started winning battles and sharpening his lyrical skill. A buzz was created on the gulf coast and surrounding areas only to find that the microphone was not the plateau of his talents.
Dj'ing was his next step. He started cutting even before learning how to mix taught mostly in his early years by Mike brown AKA Infinite Void. Eventually he started to master mixing and juggling routines without using headphones on his trek to satisfy any listener with a different and unique sound. After entering countless battles at the rookie level he began to develop his own style of tablism and created original, difficult routines.

His passion drove him to learn more difficult routines on his own with the help of fellow tablist such as Immortal, Shotgun, Klever, SPS and various other talents in the southeast. His level of skill over time matured into a much more powerful force which led to many wins at local, regional, and national battles in the USA. Coming off of his 3rd win defending his title yet again at CLUB LAVELA "the biggest night club in the USA" Prolific has shown his tablist skills are polished and ready for anyone in his way.

His newest project is the Nonstopkrooks. After years of keeping his mouth shut he has decided to unsheathe the mic and regain his respect as an Urban Action Figure. The Nonstopkrooks future album features the likes of Goretex and Sabac formerly of nonphixion, C-rayz Walz, Copywrite, Butta Verses of de la soul, Critical Madness, and Big Lo to name a few.

Prolific is also the CEO of FOULPLAYRECORDS which releases DNB vinyl, Battle Breaks, High Energy mix Cd's and everything in between. After years of competing at high level battles and rocking huge crowds all over the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, his sets are not to be missed! Prolific is officially endorsed by Rane, Urban Dwellar clothing, ILLstar Rebel, Durte Vintage Laundry,, Hiphopelements, and Madclout. He has worked for scratch academy, BET and various other major corporations which prove his talents and dedication to staying on top of his DJ skills, business demeanor, and lots of hard work for the love of music and everything that is real.

After touring with GEIN (Butcher) for two weeks in Europe and the Middle East he is set to continue smashing dance floors and crowds on a worldwide basis. It's not every day you see someone murder the decks with insane tablist skill only to pick up the mic and rock a live hip hop set.

Now his mission has become a reality, making FOULPLAYRECORDS a known name in the DNB/TABLIST/HIPHOP community. With a stacked roster of elite forces, FOULPLAY more and more everyday is getting recognition for its accomplishments. From Klever the 2x DMC champ to the dnb producers like Gein, Mumblz, Prodigal Son, Empire X, Spektrum, Metaphase, Zealot who get love around the world Prolific's hard work and team of musicians bring a sound and style that is as fresh as it gets.
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