DnB Newcaise - TBA3


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Jan 9, 2014
Very eerie vibe to the whole thing. Cool instrumentation selection, that sitar/banjo style synth is cool. and the pads work very well with the whole vibe too.

I feel like you coulda done more with the drop it gets repetitive quickly. Maybe consider working on the notation arrangement?
The sound selection is great though, very good vibe, only real comment here is that the snare's a bit flat for my taste.
1:57, the rebuild is very nicely done i like this part.
Maybe a bit more of a dynamic switch to bring the drop in?
try cutting your lows on your sounds and adding a slow riser to help beef up that reversed cymbal?

again, the vibe on this is great man, and with just a little bit more work this could be a really beautiful tune!
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