DnB Newcaise - No Sound (Ft. Micah Byrnes)

Manu Forti

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Mar 8, 2007
Nice pad! Im not sure about the vocal, either it doesnt fit the style of the track or its simply too overbearing?

If it were me i would loose the vocal and work on the pad progression. Make a really interesting melody instead of relying on the vocal to keep the track interesting...

The drums are ok but maybe half tempo feel would suit better?

Just feels like two different tracks as it is for me, i understand you would like to use the vocal but it doesnt sit well over dnb drums and analog(ish) pad... Maybe try a more techy style for the vocal?


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Oct 18, 2006
Manila, Philippines.
Yeah those vocals don't sit well in the mix all. I think the main thing that's bothering me is the rhythm. The vocal rhythm is too loose. It needs to be tighter to match the beat. It just sounds like somebody talking over the track rather than rapping over it if that makes sense. The other thing is the reverb and the volume of the vocals. Both the Reverb and the vocals are too loud IMO. I think if you compress the vocals more you could reduce the volume in the mix without losing intelligibility. But I highly recommend tightening the rhythm of the vocals first as that would go a long way towards making it gel with the music.

Everything else is fine. In fact it would probably work fine without the vocals IMO. :)
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