DnB Newcaise - Forever Lasting


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Jun 7, 2010
Nice chords on the intro. The intro needs more layers to fill it out, maybe some pads, foleys or low end sounds would help you out and it wouldn't hurt to put in a riser before the drop, you could use white noise for example.

I like the drop that sounds promising and sounds in key, the bass sounds too loud to me in comparison to the drums and again more layers to your drums and more layers of melodies, effects etc would really fill out the tune. I can see from your forum posts that you're putting out tracks at a really fast rate at the moment and they're improving, my advice would be to spend more time on each track before you upload them!


Mar 24, 2016
Background wise (the piano and melody) I think really works well. I'd kill to hear some strings in the background and a vocal also (after the first 32 it does feel a tad repetitive)

The drums I don't think go very well with this type of track, it has the potential to be a really nice rolling liquid number. I'd probably go for something more Calibre'esque with the drums (snappy short snare) and layer the drums with a few jungle breaks.

I agree with Whosay on the bass being a bit loud but I am a big fan of the bass itself!
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