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    What's up people :boobies:!!

    My names Tim, produce under the name of 'Optimist'. Been producing for around 5 years. Nothing serious just a hobby and its what I like most doing most.

    In the past 6 months (wish it was from the start) I have been learning about mixing and putting it into practice. I have noticed a big difference in the out come but still getting to grips with it. I know its something you will constantly be learning about but that's part of the fun. On the mastering side I have not done to much. In fact iv done none. Mainly because I have not had a track that iv finished and been happy with the mix down. I think I am there with a few though now.

    I don't stick to one genre. Started off making Grime instrumentals for me and my mates to use. Then ventured off to Liquid DnB, Remixs, Dance, Dubstep, random chilled out randomness and HipHop instrumentals. I enjoy making all of them but Liquid DnB is my favourite genre if I really had to choose one.

    I produce on Fl Studio and do not intend to change daw, as I have used it from day one so I don't need a sat nav to get around it. I have a simple set up with a pair of KRK Rokit 6's, Saffire 6 and a small keyboard. Its all you need really on a low budget.

    Anyway im gonna have a dive into the forum, need some mastering tips.

    Tim :)