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    UK rap has never had it so good with UK artists like Roots Manuva and Black
    Twang achieving chart success and the launch of BBCs One Xtra giving UK hip hop
    the airplay it deserves.
    But the artists that pioneered the scene were for many year criminally
    overlooked, today however with high profile US djs like Q-bert and D-styles
    publically acknowledging UK groups such as Hijack as being a massive influence
    to there style, internationally there has been a rejuvinated interest in these
    slept-on gems, with japanese and US vinyl junkies snapping them up for inflated
    prices over the internet.
    Its been no over-night success for the UK rap scene with over 15 years of
    paying dues , with Bangers and Mash Woody takes a retrospective look at the
    music that laid the foundations for todays scene, mashing up over 60 slept-on uk
    rap classics from artists such as Hijack, Blade, London Posse, Krispy 3 and
    Black Twang.
    Bangers and Mash is an exercise in edutainment for uk raps new audience and a
    nostalgic musical journey for the aging hip hoppers out there, all served up
    with Woodys trademark turntablist touch.