New WICKED tune out - A Harder Step


Butthole=output transduce
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Aug 19, 2008
I mastered this one, by myself in FL (still learning how to do it well).

Please give tips on it, as I can export it again and fix it to be my signature song or somethin

Look for a harderstep, and the techstep promo is the preview of it

mate think u need to sort out the levels on that high [pitched synth, maybe change/vary its melody aswell. piercing my ears when it came in like. i think the drums need to be turned up also. interesting use of vocals tho, cant say i know wtf they are tho, sounds like a cross between some hihop geezas and some chanting tribe in the jungle!
I made the vocals from bits africans said. I made the synth high one so it's a bit raw.
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