New website:!


Hey troops!
Today I’m launching my new online home:

Here you can get free tunes, down my original albums and DJ mixes plus check out new Noistek gear at our DigiStore!
Drop on by, leave a comment, sign my guestbook. I'd love to hear from ya'!
Coming up: an exclusive mix for those that visit the site. A new day-by-day blog and video footage of the making of Digital Conspiracy’s new upcoming album: DC4: The Brotherhood.
I’d like to thank my Digital Conspiracy crew:
J-Dastardly, Indidjinous, DJ Hera, Rayvin, Bounce, & MC Black Lungz
Our extended family: Goodvibes Promo, DJ Lantern, CJ Weaver, TRA-35, J-Dub and Viral Infektion (CA);
And everyone that’s shown love and support.
Long live jungle!