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Sankofa [San-koh-fah]: Sankofa is an Akan word that means, "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today." This concept was explored in a film written, directed and produced by Ethiopian-born filmmaker Haile Gerima. A new party in Washington DC premiers on July 11th, 2003. This party focuses on The Roots of Drum & Bass, specifically, the golden era of the mid & late 90s until now. This party will serve as a place to gain knowledge of the development of Drum & Bass and Jungle for innocent ears, as well as a great spot for the educated Drum & Bass massive to hear some of their old favorites and many that they had missed. This party will also provide a forum for local producers to premiere their new tracks on a 8,000 watt EV sound system for a racially and musically diverse audience. Representing the roots of Drum & Bass; Dancehall, HipHop, Jungle, Dub Reaggae, this party will entertain you with balanced and original lineups Every Friday Night.



Dez-Troy - Hailing from Fredrick Maryland, we dig deep for the uptown ragga bizness. This cru will represent with timeless classics that make true jungle heads brock out; you know, the ones that keep the dancefloor jam-packed. If you don't know a lot about Drum & Bass, have no fear, this night is sure to bring you up to date, and you will be a believer after this set///

Godfather Sage - Many know this brotha from his work in Bmore and Bethezda MD, producing tough tunes for the Drum & Bass mashup massive. Prepare for him to dig deep into his crates for the deepest D&B selections you've heard in a while. Affiliated with the mighty Roundtable Cru out of MD, Godfather Sage is makin major moves in 2003 with some of his own unique productions on tap for the night as well///

Winterman - A lot of you know this guy from his Bjork Remixes on the once famed Bjork Remix Web. Through the development of the Winternett kru and this party, expect good things in the coming months. Get ready for the ride as Winterman pulls out some ruff and tuff classics, combined with some new rare D&B selections, and you ain't ready for the latest W cru tracks that are about to drop. A new tune will be premiered every night he plays. Chek it///

DM Sine - Get ready for the rukkus, the lyrical engineer DM Sine will lay down his unique Chi-Town flow on sets for the night. Preparing for an eventual DJ set of his own, there is much more to come in teh hear future. Also stay tuned for the latest tunes by this deeply engaging Winternett Cru producer///

MC Los - An experienced wordsmith in the D&B lyrical plane, as well as a talented producer of D&B tunes that are just beginning to emerge. Get ready for the wickedness this MC provides as the mic gets hot. Check the MC Los as he glides through lyrics and sets the crowd on fire, figuratively///

MC Hutchie - A lot can be said about the experience of this artist. From his work with BT, Thievery Corp, Thunderball, and many others, his discography runs deep. Enough about that though, get ready for the lyrical stylings of this top notch rudebwoy MC tonight and you will also hear a few tunes he has collaborated on as we proceed///


Entry is 5$ at the door, Ladies receive complementary admission with a copy of any of our flyers. This flyer can be printed for special entry as well. Dress Code is Casual. Must be 18+ to enter, 21 to Drink. Underage drinking and/or illegal drugs will strictly not be tolerated by club staff!

Shouts to Capital City Records, a neighborhood record shop that will be providing many of the tunes you hear every night!

Visit Rendevous @ Cincinati Cafe, hosted by the R3 Crew every Friday as well!! []

Residents: Winterman, Sine, MC Hutchie, MC Los, &Digital K more TBA

Bookings & Inquiries: winternett[@]
Email or Mail Any Promo/Demo Materials To:

The Winternett Group
750 Rock Creek Church Road NW
Washington DC, 20010

Club Euphoria, 2503 9th street NW Washington DC, Located near to the intersection of 9th & T streets in NW Washington DC, Easy metro access from the Ust/Cardozo Metro Rail Stop on the Green Line. Come early for excellent cuisine from the Caribbean Kitchen! Come ready to sweat.......

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