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Nov 13, 2003
defineatly need an mp3, it buffers every 3 seconds... I think the reece is way too loud and needs to be pushed back a bit in the mix so the drums are a bit more prominent... set up an mp3 and i'll give a better review
sorry mate
listening right now

like the melody
the bassline seems to be a bit detuned, but maybe that's my hearing...

the main part needs a bit more power on drums.. maybe a modified amen would be better there?

the overall is a big 4+,when you work on the tune, it'll be massive:)
OK OK :jerkit:
I went back and gave more punch to the track By
adding a multiband compresso to the drums that pretty much did the trick, and as for the track cutting in and out on you, thats because you have a slow connection
speed, sorry I cant really help you out on that one.
But thanks for the feed back so far KEEP EM COMIN..
Alright man,

just listened to it now. IMHO its not as good as your other stuff, that was excellent, still needs to be punchier and more hard hitting i think, and maybe try dropping the arpeggio sometimes ? it kind of sounds very similar all the way thru. Theres some good elemtns there, so maybe play around with the arrangement a bit, move things around etc and give it a bit more variation. MAybe layer the resse with another subby, warpwarp bass as well !

Good work man just needs a bit more tinkering i would say

'schpec! !

What up MR. Paradigim

hey thanks for the feedback, And I do admit its not one of my harder tunes its a bit more on the melodic vibe,
ok so Im going to go back and re- work this bad boy AGAIN !!

you know when you get to that point where youve heard your track like a thousand times and your mind starts to play trick on you? I feel that I have gone way beyond that point on this one lol... :devilslay
I made a few revisions on this track to make its stand out a bit more, I just pretty much reworked all the levels,
so let me know what you guys think?

so this will be TAKE # :gpeace:
:zest: Very nice g-netic love how the drumz work !! And this is defitnetly my kind of track, the way I like it nice and DARK, gives me the chills listening to it LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work :boobies:
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